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Armstrong reliability appreciated at St Benet’s Hall, Oxford

Armstrong reliability appreciated at St Benet’s Hall, Oxford

Nearly eight years ago, the laundry at St Benet’s Hall in Oxford was equipped by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems with two Schulthess washer extractors and a Huebsch stack dryer. One of the washers reached the end of its life recently – but up until that date, according to Mike Davey, Catering Manager for the college, none of the machines had ever broken down, and the other machines are still going strong. He has now replaced the machine with the latest Schulthess 7kg model which he is absolutely delighted with.

St Benet’s is a small, Catholic theological college housing about 25 students and monks. Outside of term time the hall is used for functions and conferences. The laundry is operated during the daytime by two housekeepers who handle all bedding, towels, kitchen clothes etc together with table linen for functions. In the evening it can be used free of charge by the residents to do their own personal laundry. The equipment is likely to be in use for at least seven hours at day, and quite often this can extend to up to 15 hours. “The reliability of this equipment is exceptional. It’s amazing that the machines can work that hard for 7+ years and never break down once”, Mike Davey said. “I wish I could have them for home!”

The Schulthess 8120 is a superbly engineered Swiss machine offering an exceptional range of features and programmes. These include a high extraction speed resulting in only 43% residual moisture, so saving a great deal on drying time and drying energy costs.

What our clients say...

  • “Our machines have come from several suppliers – there is a big difference in the standards of support we receive and Armstrong gets 10 out of 10 – their service has been consistently excellent over several years and when you’re as busy as we are, that’s very important.”

    Jacqui Butler

  • “It’s important to get the right equipment for the job, too small and it won’t do it properly, too big and you are wasting money, energy and space. It is also important to deal with a company you trust to supply reliable equipment and give you the support you need. As expected, the installation went smoothly, we have never had the slightest problem and I know Armstrong will deal with it if we do.”

    Colin Farquharson, St Ermin’s Hotel

  • “Our relationship with Armstrong goes back a long way, and they continue to give us excellent service and extremely reliable equipment.”

    Suzy Brandwood, The Elms School

  • “On average the equipment is working 14 hours a day throughout the week.  The new dryers are brilliant, easy to use, efficient and reliable!”

    Wendy Clayton, Chepstow Nursing & Care Home

  • “The machines are kept very busy, work well and have been very reliable.”

    Fr Oliver, Douai Abbey

  • “That’s the thing with Armstrong, if you ask for service you get it – quickly.  We know we can rely on them which is really important as the speed and quality of the laundry is vital to the hotel.”

    James Suter, The Gliffae Country House Hotel

  • “As before I am delighted with the dryers, they are really efficient and reliable and the customers find them very easy to use.”

    Shaid Aziz, Bright Wash Launderette

  • “We’re delighted with the new dryer. We pride ourselves on a very personal level of care here, keeping up with the laundry and it all coming out looking good is an important aspect of this care and this machine has been excellent since it was installed.”

    Marilyn Collins, Oaklands Care Home